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 Kirin's PIR PANEL, a trademark in compound word which means 'Poly Isocyanurate Resin Foam Sandwich Panel', has confirmed a excellent property by performance incombustible test of "ISO 5660-1" and "ASTME-84". Kirin's PIR PANEL is the prefabricated insulated panel obtained by injecting the undiluted solution of rigid polyurethane foam between the hot galvanized steel sheets coated with polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) or silicon modified polyester(SMP), and forming and solidifying it, and the best product that shows a superior insulation efficiency to other panels, and has several advantages of economy and convenience for use.
Excellent property by performance incombustible test
of "ISO 5660-1" and "ASTME-84" 
 Textile factory, Electronic factory,
Food & pharmaceutical factories,
Precision machine plant,
Freezing-refrigerating-cold storage,
Large Door, Transporting vehicle,
General prefabricated building, etc.
Innovational insulation effect 
Excellent condensation-proof effect  

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